Doodle Connect- Redefining Promotional Merchandise in India.

We blend your brand and business seamlessly.

There’s absolutely no need to carry dull and dreary diaries around, when there’s a colourful and creative alternative – Doodle Connect!
We hold in high regard the very reason to own and carry stationery that speaks for itself and exudes the very essence of your company. At Doodle Connect, we partner with organisations, to best represent their culture, character and charisma!
It is through our expertise in crafting and delivering exquisite diaries and notebooks to our renowned clientele that we garner this rich knowledge from. Our work spans across industries, comprising of reputed companies in the FMCG, automobile, education, media and entertainment, banking, pharmaceutical, hospitality and travel sectors.
With a highly skilled team, end-to-end in-house production setup, we assure a delightful experience to our customers.




  • A5 size textured PU leatherette
  • Available in three colours- black, blue and grey
  • Available in hard bound
  • 5 Coloured Elastic bands
  • 3 5 Coloured End pages
  • logo debossing


Small quantity orders and quick turn-around

Customised Branded Notebooks
Do you know there exists something better than merely branded diaries? Customised branded diaries? Who knows it better than us, for we have ignited this very trend of fashionable customised gifting all the year round!
Express offers a range of notebooks to be customised and blended to your taste and fit to your need, in quantities of your choice! Such flexibility makes gifting so much more a pleasure. Our notebooks are a luxurious spread of colours to choose from, with coloured edges for than extra edge! What’s more? Even the ribbon page markers, elastic strap and end pages can be colour-customized as per your demand.
Our biggest advantage remains to be the turnaround time being as small as 5 days and minimum order quantity of 50 units. This will prove to be a boon when time is scarce and quantities required are few.



The diaries are of A5 size textured PU leatherette. They are available in three colours- black, blue and grey. Both options of hard bound and soft bound diaries are available. The minimum quantity of order is 50 units and will be ready in as early as 5 days time.




  • Available in A5 & B5 size
  • Available in A5 & B5 size
  • Choose from 2 colors of PU
  • Pen Loop in color of band
  • 3 options of blocks (Can add 4 page insert in the block to represent company products or company history.)
  • 3 options of sliders.


Where less is more.

When more is needed in less time, with lesser changes but for more impact, Signia is the answer. Signia is what will cater to your requirements in that limited time at hand! Customise an existing diary with a new colour and elastic band to stay close to your brand persona and that’s all you need to create a signature corporate diary, staying true to your colours!



  • Available in custom sizes
  • Colorful options of elastic bands
  • Colorful range of PU
  • Colorful Pen Loops
  • Customised blocks (Can add 4 page insert in the block to represent company products or company history.)
  • Customised sliders.


Crafted for the connoisseur.

Luxe believes in catering to your design sensibilities with a luxurious solution. Driving this creative journey are our experts and skilled innovators who believe in exploring new frontiers and deliver the best to you. Armed with knowledge and expertise in product development and a gamut of design, printing, material handling and finishing techniques, Luxe aspires to make customising your diary a memorable experience worth cherishing.




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