People always think of white mugs and boring diaries when you say corporate gifts. But your clients don’t have to associate your brand with any of this. When you choose from Doodle’s extensive range of Express dairies, you get a diary made with high-quality materials, using the latest technology. You get a diary which is in sync with your brand image and values. If you are looking for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious option, we also have a range of incredible eco-friendly diaries. All you need to do is give us your company name and logo, and select a pre-designed diary from a range of splendid options, and your order is read to ship in just a few days.

We make sure that the corporate gift you choose for your clients, potential clients, or employees is a memorable one for you as well as for them. And when they carry this logo-embossed diary with them, wherever they go, all the extensive/widespread exposure your brand will get, is just an added bonus.

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